About Black Pier


Welcome to Black Pier Coffee where we take pride in delivering our most delicious coffee, just the way you like it. While we have our own preferences here at Black Pier, to cater for your particular coffee tastes and needs we provide a Range of Services. We offer a delicious blend, created to offer maximum comfort in a cup and we also provide custom roasting services, offering small batch roasts tailored to your taste. For bespoke requests such as a particular green or commercial requests then please get in touch, we'd love to hear from you.

But it's not all about the beans. At Black Pier we promote coffee as a lifestyle and we feel that this is more important now than ever before. Taking the time to enjoy a coffee allows you to disconnect from distractions and influences and connect to your own thoughts, or share this time with friends. This temporary tranquil bubble is what we call coffee time and while we can never totally remove the noise from our lives, we should all reserve pockets of time throughout the week for ourselves.

We are firm believers in the importance of balance, in every sense of the word and in every aspect of life. Time for a coffee is time for thought, introspection, retrospection, time for discussion and conversation, time for ideas, or just simply time to wake up. Coffee time helps to offset the demands of the world around us, to take some time back for ourselves, to rebalance before the next wave hits again.
In a world which seems to have lost any sense of balance and harmony, we at Black PIer are doing our small bit to bring some back into your life, through perfectly balanced coffee, consumed in moderation, fitting in to a balanced lifestyle.

We LOVE what we do...

As coffee roasters we love trying as many different beans from as many locations across the world as possible. We strive to perfect each roast, sampling every batch before it leaves, ensuring our heart and soul goes into every delicious cup.
The world of coffee is constantly evolving so we see focus on giving everyone a platform to embark on their own coffee journey. We at Black Pier are on our own journey and we want to share that with you, which is why we try to limit offerings at any one time while regularly changing what we offer.

Herne Bay, Kent

Black Pier was created with a vision to serve our local community because we love our little seaside town and we love coffee. We believe local businesses should still serve their local town before serving the rest of the world. Our free local delivery service personally hand delivers freshly roasted beans, walked or cycled directly from the coffee roaster to your door. Just select local delivery at the checkout if you live in Herne Bay.

Herne Bay's Pier has gone through many changes over the years and sadly the pier as it was originally constructed no longer exists. Some of what remains is still in use today with a small shopping village, rides and events. However a section of the pier sits in ruins, isolated in the water from the main structure, slowly but surely falling into the sea. In twilight settings this skeleton structure becomes an eerie silhouette of what once was, creating the illusion of the black pier.

We named our coffee after this because for us the ruin is a symbol of the town and when in its silhouetted state, represents the perfect time of day to walk along the broad, stretching sea front with a hot coffee and the time to enjoy it.

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