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Black Pier Coffee

Mini Bag Variety Pack

Resealable Mini Bags (5 x 50g)

They say variety is the spice of life and these fun packs are a great way to add some variety to yours. Available as a one-off purchase or as a subscription with periods from weekly to quarterly and everything in between.

All mini bags are roasted to a medium level due to the small quantities, which is the perfect way to really taste some uniqueness of the bean while still enjoying familiar coffee flavours.

The variety pack contents may change over time as we change our offerings. Currently the packs contain the following:

  1. 50g Black Pier Blend
  2. 50g Columbia Supremo
  3. 50g Ethiopia Sidamo
  4. 50g El Salvador Finca San Ernesto
  5. 50g Indonesia Old Brown Java 

Check out our greens page to learn more about our beans, or if you're still unsure then why not take advantage of our Free Samples and try before you buy!

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